Do you know what license is required to become a trucker in Ontario? Find out all the correct information on how to become a truck driver and why A1 Transportation Academy can help.

Taking cues from this post ensures you make the most of your future as an Operator.

Entry-level truck drivers in Ontario have to pass a series of tests before they are licensed to drive. Operators seem to have little or no information on the proper utilization of driving a truck.

That’s why in this article, we’ll examine closely the license needed to become a truck driver in Ontario.

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With the information in this article, Operators can secure their licenses easily.

What License Do I Need To Become A Trucker In Ontario?

A full Class A license is required for drivers to legally operate in North America. Drivers can operate vehicles under the following categories with this certification:

  • Any vehicle combination of tractor/truck and trailer with an MGVWR of not less than 4600kg
  • A vehicle combination of tractor/truck and trailer with a full air-brake system

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What Kind of Vehicles Can I Drive With A Full Class A License?

Apart from driving regular trucks, a full Class A license allows truckers to drive the following vehicles:

  • Truck-trailer combination
  • A combo of a motor vehicle and towed automobiles where the towed cars weigh more than 4600kg and have air brakes
  • Any vehicle pulling two trailers
  • A car covered by the Class G license
  • Heavy Class D trucks
  • Restricted Class A vehicles

It’s worth noting that a full Class A license doesn’t give drivers permission to drive buses with passengers, mopeds, or motorcycles.

What Determines The Kind of Truck License You Need?

Truck licenses differ for several reasons,

  • The weight of towed vehicle
  • If the vehicle has air brakes
  • Total weight of the vehicle and towed vehicle
  • If the vehicle is a tractor or trailer.

What are the Other Requirements to become a Driver in Ontario?

Here’s a look at the complete list of items required to hold a full Class A license in Ontario:

  • Must pass a vision test
  • Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age
  • Must pass a MTO medical
  • Must pass a knowledge test
  • Must have completed the mandatory entry level training (MELT) course
  • Must pass a road test with a vehicle in the Class A range
  • Must possess a valid Ontario license class “G”
  • Encouraged to have a spotless driving record.

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