Do you want to know the Answer of How Much Does Mandatory Entry Level (M.E.L.T) Commercial Truck Driver Training Cost

Are you ready to start a new career, that pays well, and has a bright future? If that sounds good, it’s no surprise you would be interested in driving a commercial truck. In North America, commercial truck drivers are in very high demand.

The good news is our school leads the way in Mandatory Entry Level Truck Training (M.E.L.T.). Even better, for those who are facing some financial challenges, 0% financing is available. Want more details? Contact us to book a free consultation. You can reach us at +1 905-754-0578 or +1 905-754-0579 or our website contact us form hereWe are open Monday to Saturday to help you.

What Is MELT ?

MELT is mandatory if you hope to get your commercial truck driving license. For the entry-level training to qualify as MELT, it must include at least 103.5 hours of instruction.

This training is intended to cover all of the knowledge and skills needed to work as a commercial truck driver in a safe, comfortable, way. When MELT training is done here, with our team of professionals, you can rest assured you will learn all of these things and much more. There’s a reason why the Industry holds our school in such high regard.

When you complete the training, we will update your driving record. As long as you have completed the rest of the license requirements, you will be ready to take your driving test. Pass the test and the commercial driving license is yours, and your new career is ready to begin. The training is good for the rest of your career. You will never have to retake MELT, if you are successful in getting your license.

Who Needs MELT Training?

According to the rules here in Ontario (and in Canada), a person must complete MELT if:

  • You failed a road test and plan to retake the test.
  • You have a restricted Class A (AR) license and want to upgrade to a full Class A license, with all of the benefits the full Class A opens.
  • Your Class A license has expired, been downgraded, or been suspended for three years or more.
  • You have come to Canada holding another country’s commercial driver’s license.
  • You have an equivalent of a Class A license from another province for less than a year. If you had it for 12-24 months, you will have the option to complete mandatory entry-level training or the Class A knowledge and road test.

How Much Does It Cost?

 MELT training isn’t free. It is packed with information that teaches actionable skills, and at a quality school (like ours), a true experienced, professional take care of the instruction. The price for the training can vary greatly depending on the school and what it offers, with prices from $4900 to $15,000 not uncommon.

Many students are able to get financial assistance from a number of different local and national programs in Ontario. The availability of these programs shifts all of the time, as do the requirements to qualify.

Our own school can assist with MELT training with 0% financing. This means setting yourself up for a successful career without having to worry about paying interest on money loaned to take the course. Needless to say, this is a popular choice and is one of the many reasons why our school is held in such high regard.

In Toronto and Greater Toronto Area, we are Ontario’s #1 commercial truck driving school. All of the courses we offer, including M.E.L.T., are approved by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

If you have any questions about MELT training, becoming a Class A Commercial Truck Driver, or if you’d like to learn more about any of our other training programs – contact us today. We’d love to help you get started in your new career!

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We are open Monday to Saturday to help you.

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