Introduction of 15 Major Career Benefits of Commercial Truck Driving

There may not be a quicker and more dependable way to start a thriving, well-paying new career than commercial truck driving. A1 Transportation Academy is Ontario’s leading school in professional instruction. We are happy to help. Contact us to book a free consultation. You can reach us at +1 905-754-0578 or +1 905-754-0579We are open Monday to Saturday to help you.

When considering a great career to explore, think about trucking.  There is great demand for commercial truck drivers, it offers good pay, and you can enter the field without years of university or the large bills that come with post secondary education. 
Considering we are Ontario’s leading commercial truck driving school, with over 200+ five stars Google Reviews, we get to see the major career benefits first hand. Here’s what the team here at A1 Transportation Academy consider the top 15. (Listed in no particular order.)

  1. Job Demand. Truck companies across Canada are very much looking for commercial truck drivers with a Class A Entry Level M.E.LT. license. This demand is constant and means you will very likely have your pick of opportunities once you are ready.
  2. Job Security. Once you get a job, you certainly don’t have to worry about job security. New drivers have it, and once you get some real experience companies will value you and your skill set. Drive safely and responsibly and you can count on job security as an Ontario commercial truck driver.
  3. A Good Income. Ultimately, we work for money. As a commercial truck driver expect to be compensated in a remarkable way right from the start of your career. Drivers can make $50,000-$100,000 a year, plus raises and bonuses.
  4. Benefits. It’s quite common for truck drivers to have very good benefit packages. This may include medical, dental, life insurance, retirement plans, sick days and sometimes even paid vacations, depending on the company.
  5. The Chance to Travel. If you like to travel, there’s probably no better job than commercial truck driving. Every work day you are on the road with a new adventure. Long haul drivers will get the chance to see most of North America, all while getting paid!
  6. A Flexible Schedule. Many people hate the idea of a nine to five, “normal” job. When you drive truck, your schedule is much more flexible. Companies don’t mind working with drivers to find schedules that are a win for all.
  7. A Fast Start. Most careers require you to invest four years or longer in university or as an apprentice. This is not so with commercial truck driving. Our Class A Entry Level M.E.LT.  program covers everything and you can finish it in weeks. Then once you pass your test, you are ready to work!
  8. Freedom. Who doesn’t want to feel the wind in their face and enjoy the open road all day, as compared to being stuck in an office? This kind of freedom is something most commercial truck drivers cherish.
  9. Tuition Reimbursement. There’s a good chance you can get your tuition covered by the company that hires you. Contact us and we will see what is currently happening in that area.
  10. Learn While You are on the Road. Audio books are very popular with truck drivers. Not many other people can get paid great while also educating themselves.
  11. Healthy Exercise. If your responsibilities include unloading the truck, expect to build your fitness and strength, while you work. Many commercial truck drivers become very fit.
  12. Be Able to Appreciate Your Time At Home. When you get to see the country, it often makes being home more special. It also gives you lots to talk about with family and friends.
  13. Become Part of a Team. Many trucking companies really embrace the teamwork ethos. You can end up making great friends, with common values and experiences.
  14. The Chance for Special Bonuses. There’s often opportunities with major companies to drive on runs that come along with extra money, for whatever reason. If you like to work, these can be awesome opportunities.
  15. Never Two Days the Same. You can expect every day on the road to bring something different. This makes for a life that’s far from boring.

Sound good? If so, check out our leading Class “A” M.E.L.T Training school. We look forward to helping you start your new career! Contact us today to learn more about our Truck Driving Training program and to get started. You can reach us for a free consultation at +1 905-754-0578 or +1 905-754-0579 or our website .  We are open Monday to Saturday to help you. Learn More about of Truck Driving Check out here

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