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What is the Difference between AZ and DZ Licenses?

 AZ AZ licenses, additionally referred to as commercial driver’s licenses in Canada, are required for individuals who want to operate massive vans or vehicles for industrial functions. Obtaining an AZ license includes numerous steps and necessities. First, people must meet the eligibility criteria set by the provincial licensing authority. This often consists of being at […]

Practical Advice for Women to Become Truck Drivers

Truck Drivers Especially Women Drivers in the Transportation industry  is a highly lucrative occupation with many opportunities for growth and promotion. Although traditionally a male-dominated industry, more women have recently taken to the roads. In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of trucking, women are steering the wheel of change with determination and skill. The road […]

MELT truck training: standards minimums, gaps remain

The original intent of Ontario’s mandatory entry-level training (MELT) was to establish a minimum amount of training and expected level of competency before someone could be licenced to drive a truck. It was an effort to rid the province of license mills, which were “schools” that produced drivers who were only trained to pass the […]

What are Anti-human-trafficking Lessons for drivers?

“Anti-Human Trafficking Lessons for Drivers.”  The Canadian Trucking Alliance is calling on regulators across Canada to expand entry-level truck driving training programs to include lessons on detecting and preventing human trafficking. In the fast-paced world we live in, the open road symbolizes freedom, adventure, and exploration. As drivers, we traverse highways and byways, embarking on […]